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Buying Your Home - Working With a Real Estate Agent

If you are looking to buy a home, finding a agent to work with should be the first step in the buying process.  And, here is why:

1.  It is a free service to the buyer.  Pretty amazing, when you think about it.  Even when the agent finds you that perfect home, the cost remains zero to you.  That is, of course, because the seller pays the commission.  However, I think it is pretty good deal for the buyer.  So really, there is no reason I can think of not to work with an agent.

2.  Most people will buy and sell a few homes in their lifetime.  An experienced agent like myself has sold approximately 500 homes and counting.  That experience translates to knowledge that will help protect you and make the process easier.

3.  The chances of finding a property increases.  When you have a full time professional working everyday to find you that perfect home, chances are you will find it faster.  That is because of the resources we have.  I often know about properties before they are listed.  In fact, that is how I found out about my own home and was able to secure it before it came on the market. 

For me it is all about commitment.  When someone is committed to me, I am committed to them.  I am very loyal and expect the same in return.  I only work with a small group of buyers at a time, so I can provide the type of service that is required to do an excellent job.  So, if you are interested in buying a home and want to establish a working relationship that will get you results, I am the agent for you.

Lauren Polan
Lauren Polan
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